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IV Therapy Services

Let's find the right blend

So there you are, wondering, “What’s this “I.V. therapy thing”?

It’s pretty simple. IV therapy has been around since the early 1950’s, thanks to a physician in Baltimore, Maryland named Dr. John Myers and his infamous “Myers Cocktail” of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Magnesium, & Calcium.


But what is the rest of this about? What’s the 411 on IV Hydration?

IV therapy, simply put, is a common delivery method for fluids, vitamins and medications, administered by a medical professional. “IV” stands for intravenous, meaning the fluids are administered through our veins. IV therapy drips use saline infused with a variety of different vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed to aid & address various symptoms, such as altitude sickness, jet lag, hangovers, nutrient deficiencies and a whole heck of a lot more. Saline is the perfect vessel to deliver these nutrients and rehydrate your system on a cellular level, because it has the same osmolarity as the plasma in our cells. This allows efficient cellular absorption through your bloodstream. With IV therapy drips, the IV hydrates, replenishes and optimizes the maximum benefit possible from a vitamin infusion.

Our name, Onus, means “Personal responsibility”. It’s a reminder that we’re all responsible for making one good choice for ourselves, which in turn will lead to better choices in the long run! Think of IV therapy services as a tool in your toolbox.

At Onus iV we help you choose from a variety of IV drips to help you give your immune system a boost, quickly recover from a hangover, promote diversity in the gut’s microbiome, fight altitude sickness and fatigue, accelerate athletic recovery and more! Our entire menu of IV therapy services has been crafted by our medical director, an ER Physician, and all IV drips are administered by ER certified ER Nurses and Advanced Paramedics under the direction of our nurse practitioner.

To us, the need is simple: dehydration robs us of our potential. It's not only about recovering from a hangover or fighting a cold; it's about being ready for the best days ahead of you. Visit our Denver IV Bar and don't waste a precious day feeling sick on the couch, walking around fatigued & depleted or reeling from the effects of altitude sickness.

Get out there. Climb your mountains. Conquer your fears. In the end, you want what we want, and we'll be happy to help you find it 😊