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Onus IV Hydration Bar Castle Rock

IV Drip Hydration Bar Castle Rock, CO

Whether you’re an athlete in training, feeling dehydrated or hungover, suffering from altitude sickness or needing a quick immunity boost, our IV hydrating bar in Castle Rock is here to help you get your day back!

Location & Hours

3990 Limelight Ave
Suite D
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Monday 10A-6P
Tuesday 10A-6P
Wednesday 10A-6P
Thursday 10A-6P
Friday 10A-6P
Saturday 10A-4P
Sunday 10A-4P

Please note that iV therapy treatments are available up to 45 minutes before closing time. While walk-ins are always welcome, we encourage you to book an appointment to ensure you can be seen.

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Close to Mountains
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Good for Groups
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NAD+ Onsite
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Private Room Available

Our goal is to create an inviting space for IV drip  therapy, and that means providing a location that you can access easily. Our Castle Rock store is located just 30 miles south of Denver and is a great spot for groups to recharge and hydrate with any of our IV therapy or injection options. With our licensed and ER certified medical team onsite to administer your IV selection, you can enjoy a comfortable, worry-free experience.

IV Therapy Denver

Our IV Therapy Services in Castle Rock, CO

Our IV drip hydration bar in Castle Rock, Colorado offers comprehensive, professional IV therapy services to help deliver vital fluids and nutrients to your body and get your day back! With nineteen different IV infusion options to choose from, you can boost your body's health and wellness to achieve more energy, less fatigue, better protection against seasonal viruses and more! Some of our formulas are even available in an intramuscular shot form, perfect to help you manage life on the go when a 30 minute IV cocktail is out of the question. 

IV Therapy Services + Pricing

We’re ER certified, meaning that all employees have a minimum of 2 years ER or ICU experience. Often these employees perform 20-30 IV injections in a single day, providing them the muscle memory to deliver a comfortable infusion of vitamins time and time again.

The Drip

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In the charming city of Castle Rock, Colorado, Onus IV Bar offers a comprehensive suite of IV therapy services, including IM Injections, Recovery Drips, Wellness Drips, Active Drips, Supplements, Electrolytes, and NAD+. This location is ideal for groups, with a private room and convenient proximity to shopping and dining. It's a perfect stop for athletes or anyone needing a boost in hydration or immunity. Staffed with ER-certified professionals, Onus IV ensures each therapy and injection session is comfortable and expertly delivered, making it a premier choice for health, wellness and vitality enhancement.

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