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No minimum monthly contracts, no cancellation fees & a free iV on your birthday.

That’s the way Onus does memberships!

As a member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Special introductory offer of $99 for your first month, $125 per month after that

  • Any of our standard iVs (up to $155 value) plus one standard-dose add-on of your choice per month (including any IM injection)

  • Subsequent treatments & injections are 30% off

    Simple, sweet, honest :)

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Green Membership
Our signature membership! Onus Green members enjoy the convenience of receiving 1 standard iV per month (up to $155 value) with any add-on of their choice* at any of our locations. All additional treatments (including IM shots) are discounted 30%. Members also receive a free iV on their birthday! 

Price: $125 per month



Can my membership iV roll over if I miss a month?

Yes! You can roll over your membership iV up to one month and receive 2 iVs the following month. This is non-transferable outside of individual membership however.

Can I share my membership with friends + family?

Membership iVs cannot be transferred to friends + family, however if you bring in a friend or family member, you may apply your 30% off membership discount to their purchase! Members must be present to apply their 30% discount to a guest tab.

Does my 30% discount apply to IM shots?

Yes! All services and products are eligible for your 30% discount.

If I cancel my membership, can I still get the $99 introductory pricing when I re-enroll?

The introductory price of $99 is a one-time offer only.

The fine print:
Memberships subject to approval based on client health history & physician review.
Memberships available for retail appointments, concierge not included.
30 day notice is required prior to cancellation.