IV Therapy Fatigue and Altitude Sickness
IV for Altitude Sickness and Fatigue

Bolt IV (for Altitude Sickness)

Our flagship B-Vitamin IV Drip designed to provide a quick hydration boost to the system! Perfect for conquering mountains or battling altitude sickness or fatigue.

IV for Altitude Sickness and Fatigue

Good for:

Energy Boost icon
Energy Boost
Shorten Recovery Time icon
Shorten Recovery Time
Athletic Performance & Recovery icon
Athletic Performance & Recovery


  • Normal Saline [1L]

  • B Complex [2ml]

  • B12 [2mg]

When to Use

  • Traveling to Elevation

  • Fatigue

  • Energy Boost / Athletic Preparation



Altitude sickness can affect a variety of people, but especially those traveling to high elevations or anyone partaking in activities such as skiing, hiking, or climbing. Whether on the mountain or simply fighting fatigue, our Bolt IV can help! This cocktail is a vitamin B IV drip (B-100, B12) infused into regular saline to provide a quick boost to the system and fight altitude sickness! Regardless if you're a Colorado native, or visiting the area, don’t let altitude sickness keep you from feeling your best. Our IV therapy for altitude sickness can help with symptoms before or after they occur.

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