Immunity IM Shot

Immunity Shot

Our Immunity Drip, but in a shot! Vitamin C, Glutathione & Zinc, perfect for an immunity boost when time is of the essence.

Immunity IM Shot

Good for:

Immune Support icon
Immune Support


  • Vitamin C [400mg]

  • Zinc [5mg]

  • Glutathione [400mg]

When To Use

  • Traveling frequently

  • Busy parent, constantly on the go 

  • During cold and flu season

  • If you feel a "tickle" in your throat


When you’re fighting a cold or flu, your body needs all the help it can get so you can get back to feeling yourself, faster. Immut is our immunity IV drip in shot-form and comes with the same content for vitamin C, Zinc, and Glutathione that gives the body what it needs to bounce back and recover faster.

We’ve specially designed this immunity shot to give your body everything it needs to help fight off and prevent an illness, so it doesn’t keep you on the couch feeling miserable and sidelined from the things you normally enjoy doing for long.

Maybe you aren’t sick yet, but you feel a cold coming on. Or maybe you just need a boost to your immune system after some exhausting traveling or an event where you came into contact with a lot of people. Regardless, our Immut injection will work wonders for your body. This shot can also be used as an effective means to treat a vitamin C deficiency.

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