Athletic IV Drip Denver
IV Therapy for Athletes and Muscle Recovery Denver

A-Team IV Drip

Built with former Denver Nuggets star Wilson Chandler, the A-Team IV drip is an infused blend of B-Vitamins, Amino Acids & Calcium designed for athletes to accelerate muscle recovery or assist / prevent cramping.

IV Therapy for Athletes and Muscle Recovery Denver

Good for:

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Athletic Performance & Recovery
Energy Boost icon
Energy Boost
Hydration + Vitality icon
Hydration + Vitality
Replenish Electrolytes icon
Replenish Electrolytes


  • Normal Saline [1L]

  • B Complex [2mL]

  • B12 [2mg]

  • Calcium Chloride [200mg]

  • Mag Sulfate [1g]

  • Amino Acid Blend [1mL]

When to Use

  • Pre-Race

  • Post-Race

  • During regular training cycles

  • Traveling to Elevation

  • Altitude Sickness / Fatigue



Athletes test the limits everyday by pushing their bodies to perform. This can lead to dehydration, muscle aches and more as fluids lost during exercise. Crafted with former Denver Nuggets athlete Wilson Chandler, the A-Team IV drip is an IV infusion designed specifically for athletes. This drip is an infused blend of B-Vitamins, Amino Acids & Calcium to help accelerate muscle recovery, boost hydration and assist or prevent cramping.

In his words, "I think it's the best thing for athletes...especially playing here in the altitude, hydration is a big part of recovery and performance for athletes. I think, with Onus IV hydration therapy, just getting those back, getting those IV’s, and adding certain things back, glutathione, amino acids, vitamins that are essential to your body in recovery. And then bypassing your gut - going straight into your bloodstream - it's the fastest way possible to get it."

The Onus A-Team Drip 

Designed for athletes, weekend warriors, and all types of outdoor fun 😉 

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