Jet Lag Treatment

The speed of life today often requires travel, for both business & pleasure. As much as we love seeing new places, coming home & readjusting to familiar routines can sometimes take a bit longer than expected. “Desynchronosis” is to blame, forcing your body to want food when you need to sleep, and to sleep when it’s the middle of the day. You’ve got a secret weapon though ;)

At Onus iV, we administer the John Myers Cocktail (JMC) iV vitamin therapy treatment to airline pilots & stewardesses to fight off the effects of jet lag relief. The rapid absorption of vitamins through intravenous therapy enables your body to recover & readjust faster than oral capsules & beverages, helping you manage your return to your busy schedule.

Whether you’re looking to receive in-home treatment or visit a clinic, we have options to meet your needs. It’s our goal to make it as easy as possible for you to get your next iV jet lag relief treatment right when you need it. That’s why we have three locations throughout the Denver & Boulder area. We gladly take walk-ins, and you’re always welcome to schedule an appointment. Our licensed ER & ICU nurses are here to provide you with the most effective treatment based on your particular symptoms and needs.

What can you expect on your visit? With cable tv, video game consoles, Netflix, phone chargers, comfy chairs, blankets, snacks, heating pads & hot tea, you’ll be able to relax, recover and recharge in no time. Our licensed & certified team of nurses, paramedics & staff EMTs will walk you through the process, so don’t worry, you’re taken care of.

To learn more about our JMC iV vitamin therapy treatment, contact Onus iV today. We look forward to helping you get back to your normal daily routine.