Breaking it Down with Dr. Ben- When to Drip?

Dr. Benjamin Wilks

Dr. Benjamin Wilks

Onus - Hey Dr. Ben! Hope you are having a great week! We were hoping you can answer some questions about when our customers should come in for IV hydration!

Dr. Ben - Awesome! Fire away.


Onus - Ok, let’s start with this - how often should someone come in to Onus iV? Is there a benefit to getting a regular IV?

Dr. Ben-  It really depends on the need. For those who are using IVs as a preventative measure, for example to prevent illness, they may wish to receive an immunity drip once monthly. This should be sufficient to boost one's immune function to fend off any would be viral illnesses, etc. However, an athlete who is training hard may wish to receive treatments more regularly. We have several professional athletes who come in on a weekly basis for this very reason. The effects of one IV treatment for one individual is not universally applicable to all.  I would recommend seeing what works for you, depending on your individual needs.


Onus - Very interesting! Next - let’s say you are heading out on an active adventure (marathon, intense hike, mountain biking trip) - would you schedule an appointment at Onus iV before or afterward?

Dr. Ben - Many athletes can attest to the benefits of post-exercise IV treatments.  If you're feeling sore, fatigued, energy depleted post adventure, then absolutely, an IV will enhance your recovery time. Not to say you won't get there on your own without an IV, but if you want to enhance muscle recovery, lactate metabolism, and overall all around physiologic function, an IV will help you get there much faster.


Onus - Wow, that’s interesting. What about when you are going out for a night on the town? Should I schedule an appointment ahead of time, or the next day?

Dr. Ben - Pre-hydration is key in preventing hangovers. Alcohol is a diuretic, which dehydrates you. This is the major component that causes a hangover. So if you pre-emptively fill your tank before a night on the town your likelihood of developing a hangover is much less. In addition, our ability to metabolize toxins are enhanced when we are well hydrated. A simple and steadfast rule is to drink one glass of water per alcoholic beverage. More importantly, an IV treatment the day after a big night on the town will undoubtedly improve your energy and clearance of toxins.


Onus - Great tips! One last thing - what IV would you pick today?

Dr. Ben - The WC (otherwise known as the Wilson Chandler). Shhh. Don't tell anyone, it's not on the menu. But if it's good enough for a top NBA draft pick, there's gotta be something to it. It's got it all and when you’re in need of immunity, energy or recovery, it'll get you there.


Dr. Benjamin Wilks is one of the Onus iV Hydration co-founders and is a Board Certified physician who currently serves as an Attending EM Physician at Longmont United Hospital.