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What to expect at an IV Bar?

We're proud to showcase the experience we've set out to provide being well received by our clients! Our Castle Rock store recently received a 5-star review we felt compelled to share with you all 😊
Conveniently located downtown, our Boulder IV therapy flagship is ready to help you get your day headed in the right direction with professional IV hydration therapy! You'll also find shopping and popular restaurants in close proximity, making it easy to fit an IV drip into your routine errands. For added comfort we offer the ability to book a private room for your IV hydration needs. It has never been easier to improve the health of your body!
Professional staff, a comfortable space and an unforgettable vibe!

From Jesse H:

"I've been getting IVs monthly for many years now and this is first time that I actually enjoyed the atmosphere of the business.

The nurse was super professional and knowledgeable.  She mixed the bags in front of us, rather than in the back, which I really enjoyed.

They hang the bags on a climbing rope and carabiner attached to a pulley in the ceiling, so they can elevate the bag way over your head - gravity supercharges the flow of liquids and that made the normally hour-long process only take 25 minutes!  Super cool and I haven't been anywhere that does it like this.

Prices are in line with the costs of other IV places I've been.  The membership makes it super worth it in the long run.

Excellent experience all-around."

Looking for an experience like Jesse had at our IV bar in Castle Rock? Click the orange "Book Online" button in the top right to find your spot 😊