When Should I Drip | Moms

You may be running after a toddler all day or playing chauffeur all afternoon to ballet, soccer, and trombone lessons. Or you are up at the crack of dawn to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door, before rushing to put in your full day at work then heading home to make sure the kids are fed, clean, asleep.

Sound familiar? The question becomes, what do you do to take care of mom? Many people feel like IV hydration is about hangovers or jet lag or extreme sports, and it’s true. Many clients are coming to Onus for those reasons but there is another type of client. The mom. She is an extreme athlete and she may have “jet lag” from driving all over town or a “hangover” from staying up too late watching her favorite show when the house is finally quiet.


How often should I stop to make sure I'm hydrated?

In a climate like Colorado’s, hydration is a must. We all carry water bottles around and maybe you even remembered to fill it up today but chronic dehydration is more common than you think. Some studies show that up to 75% of the population may suffer from chronic dehydration. It’s easy to forget to drink and when you feel that headache come on or feel a little weak you think, “I need to eat something…” except that might be your body saying, “we need a drink!” Not to mention that often our ‘go to’ beverages (coffee, soda) can be mildly dehydrating and some of our food choices (high in sodium) can make hydrating that much more difficult.


So, how do I stay hydrated?

First, limit the dehydrators - sugary beverages, caffeinated beverages, alcohol and salty snacks like chips or nuts.

Second, try some foods that help hydrate you inside and out - chia seeds, coconut water, and even rice are hydrating while we know some fruits retain water, which in turn helps us hydrate. Think watermelon, pineapple, even bananas and avocado (they add potassium which helps your hydration last longer).

Third, drink water. Regularly! The experts don’t agree on how much water we need… some say 6-10 8oz cups a day, some say convert your body weight to ounces and drink half that (i.e. if you weigh 130lbs, you would drink 65oz of water). You want your urine to be clear or slightly yellow.

Fourth, pop in to Onus IV and get a refresh every so often. There’s nothing like an extra boost before a long weekend with the kids!

Bonus option - take a nice hot bath after you get the kids in bed. You actually absorb water through your pores. This doesn’t replace drinking enough water but it is a great way to destress and hydrate.


When should I drip?

It’s your call, mom. Some people find having a regular drip on the calendar forces them to relax on a regular basis or you can pick strategic times to come in (before/after a trip, after the kids start school and are bringing home germs, etc). Try the John Myer’s Cocktail for overall wellness or if the kids are sick, come in for the Immunity drip. It will bust the bugs and keep you running. And, don’t forget to bring the magazines you never have time to read... your drip will also offer you 45 minutes of pure (uninterrupted) relaxation.

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