Denver Hangovers

When we started Onus, we knew we had a stigma to overcome - being perceived as a "hangover cure" in Denver. We didn't want to be seen as a company that enabled alcoholics or promoted alcoholism. As athletes ourselves, we knew our brand would have to act different from the competition that was and still is rapidly becoming saturated by sameness. Brands with "iv" in the name, blues, turqouise colors and stock images of people indulging in themselves. Even though our product can be used as a hangover cure in Denver, we had to examine the marketplace to find a new way of doing business in this young industry.

At Onus, we made it our mission to inspire people to indulge differently. Pamperment is easy, but what about improvement? What if we could show people our product really could propel them to levels they'd never experienced before?

This is our cause. To inspire people to push beyond themselves to live their best days. For our customers and future friends, we can't wait to help them find that level. :)