iV Spotlight | The A-Team


The A-Team iV is comprised of B-Vitamins for energy, Amino Acids to aid muscle recovery & Calcium administered into saline or dextrose. The combination of these key elements make the A-Team a premium athletic drip. It is recommended both prior to training and for recovery, to ensure that your body is in a perfect state to receive the incredible benefits of your hard work and to speed the recovery process. This is a professional level athletic drip that isn’t reserved only for professional athletes. Anyone who hikes, bikes, skis, or snowboards will benefit from the A-Team. After a long weekend in the mountains, the A-Team’s combination of essential elements makes re-entry into your day job that much easier.


The B-Vitamins fight fatigue by boosting energy naturally.
Amino Acids help your muscles recover after a hard workout, by helping build protein. They bring up your mood and repair your body.
Calcium builds strong bones and teeth.
Together, the elements in this treatment keeps you running at your highest level.



Twenty mile bike ride? Triathlon? Went hard at the gym? This drip is for you. So don’t be sad about hiking and biking season winding down. Hit up Onus iV when the powder starts falling this winter!

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