iV Spotlight | Rockstar


The Rockstar iV was designed by Colorado native Andrew McMahon to help musicians visiting Colorado keep up their energy by providing a boost of B Vitamins & Vitamin C. Rockstar even has an extra dose of Pyrodoxine (B6) which helps with any nausea (aka a hangover or altitude). Plus, 10% of your purchase supports the Dear Jack Foundation, helping young adults fight cancer and build a support group.


B vitamins fight fatigue by boosting energy naturally, stimulating appetite and to a minor degree, detoxifying the system. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system, while Glutathione, aka "The Mother of all Anti-Oxidants" helps rid the system of free radicals. 
Together, these vitamins support your health and happiness, reduce the chance of illness, and keep you rocking all day long!



Partied like a rockstar last night? Or rock climbed like a rockstar? Or just need a hydration/immunity/energy boost? This drip is for you.

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