Onus iV Hydration’s Second Location is Opening June 15

As it begins to heat up outside, we are excited to announce our second location will open on Thursday, June 15, 2017 in The Landmark in Greenwood Village. One of the quickest ways to recover from exhaustion, illness, jetlag, altitude sickness, muscle cramping, hangovers, minor colds or intense workouts, the common practice of IV (Intravenous) hydration provides immediate hydration and vitamin boost through IV cocktails administered by a licensed and certified medical team. 

The Ultimate Athlete Recovery

"If you really want to give your body a boost, try an intravenous fluid recovery session. Once the domain of pro athletes (and med students recovering from hangovers), this rehydration method is now available to the active masses in 60-minute sessions. Several fluid recovery centers, such as Onus IV Hydration and Divine Hydration Therapies, have recently popped up in Denver and will customize a recovery recipe for you."

Q&A with Onus!

Grateful for Business Den's front-page feature on our expansion into South Denver! What gave us the confidence to expand south was the variety of clientele who consistently traveled from Parker, Highlands Ranch, even Colorado Springs just to get an treatment from our iV bar in North Denver. Along the way however, we've fielded a number of questions and are happy to help guide many of you on your journey into the realm of iV nutrient therapy. 
1. Do iVs help with Anti-aging?