Q&A with Onus!

We are grateful for Business Den's front-page feature on our expansion into South Denver! What gave us the confidence to expand south was the variety of clientele who consistently traveled from Parker, Highlands Ranch, even Colorado Springs just to get an treatment from our iV bar in North Denver. Along the way however, we've fielded a number of questions and are happy to help guide many of you on your journey into the realm of iV nutrient therapy. 
1. Do iVs help with Anti-aging? 
Yes and No. There is no scientific proof or medical research that iVs fight the effects of aging. While many clinics in Los Angeles & South Beach promote these products, this is purely marketing with unsubstantiated claims. However, if these clinics promoted "detoxifying" iVs, the effects of an infusion of Glutathione, Vitamin C and B100 complex are perfect blends to stimulate the production of collagen & cleanse the body. Plus, the benefits will have you feeling great ;) 

2. How does an iV detoxify the body?
iV saline infused into the blood stream rehydrates from the inside out - this act essentially "flushes" toxins from tissues. Combined with the effects of the nutrients infused, such as Glutathione, the body can effectively process these toxins much faster. This is why our Immunity drip is perfect for combatting minor colds & flu!

3. What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant, comprised of amino acids, that helps the body clear itself of free-radicals. Our liver produces glutathione naturally, however we produce less and less of it as we age. By getting an iV infusion of glutathione, you help support the body's natural function of detoxification! 

For more info, give us a call anytime at 720-417-9590 or email us at info@onusiv.com :)