Hangovers actually do get worse with age

It's not just in your head, hangovers really do get worse with age! What was once a fleeting form of fun in Colorado, where all its microbreweries, distilleries and craft cocktail makers abound, is now a calculated choice (for most of us) of "What do I need to do tomorrow before I have another?" Thanks to the Telegraph for writing "8 reasons hangovers really do get worse with age"

1. Your body can't process the drinks (especially at Denver's elevation).
While you may have been able to down Jägerbomb after Jägerbomb back when you were a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed university student, your body just can't keep up with that kind of lifestyle anymore.

Dr Chris van Tulleken says hangovers are the result of a complex inflammatory response: "Your body deals with all systemic insults less and less effectively once you're north of 25, so it doesn't matter if it's a car crash, a severe infection or a night on the town, you'll take longer to recover."

2. You have less water in your system (especially in Colorado's dry climate).
Even if you make sure you're getting your recommended eight glasses of water a day, the fact of the matter is as we get older, our body water content decreases.

Not only does this increase the risk of dehydration, but it also means the alcohol remains in a more concentrated form in your system for longer.To further reduce the risks of a hangover as you age, experts recommend drinking "water or juice between each alcoholic drink to keep you hydrated and slow down your alcohol consumption."

For more tips on how to avoid the effects of a hangover while in Colorado, visit the article linked above or give Onus iV, your local iV Hydration specialists in Denver :)