iV Denver!

We're getting all set up for the St. Paddy's Day celebrations here in Denver! Hopefully we won't have to help anyone out of dire straights tomorrow from a Denver hangover, but don't worry, we're prepared for hangovers as well! You know what really gets us going though? It's not that we infuse iv saline to help everyone live better days, but rather that we infuse iv saline in order to give your system a boost! Using the same vitamins found in a multi-vitamin, we've helped hundreds of people feel better & live beyond their own expectations in Colorado. Pretty cool right?

Well that's not all that's cool - check our Brian Shaw (the world's strongest man) giving Onus a shout-out! We're stoked we could help Brian out with his training. He taught us a thing or two about focus! Find out more about Brain Shaw @ www.shawstrength.com] 2 and about the active iV drips available at www.onusiv.com/treatments/.

Have a great weekend, and be safe out there!

~ Onus