Fuel Injection!

Excerpt taken from "Falling in Gratitude: Run to the Finish Blogger Amanda Brooks"
It’s the secret treatment elites have been using for years, only now it’s available to you! Awhile back I shared my time at Denver Sports Recovery using things like an infrared sauna and electrical stim, but today I’m sharing another treatment I tried call IV therapy.

Apparently, after marathons or other endurance events, elite athletes often grab an IV to quickly rehydrate and bounce back! A few very smart people realized that by adding in a few vitamins, you could use it to kick a cold, eliminate altitude sickness, hangover cure, recover quicker from hard races and feel better in general.Onus IV was founded on the principle that this shouldn’t be just for elites, while many places are charging over $300, they are keeping the cost as low as possible around $100 with the vitamins. All IV’s are done by RN’s and an ER doctor is one of the founders helping to ensure they source quality nutrients and correct dosages.

Doctor Nijole Lloyd explained, “As we age, our ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients decreases, especially if you’re overtrained or your diet is not optimal. Nutritional IVs give you a jump-start, especially when you need to train a lot.”

The dosage of vitamins basically determines the results. So they can customize it per person! Are you always low in Vitamin D? Need a B12 boost as a vegan? This is absorbed and utilized right away by the body unlike taking a pill.

But the coolest thing for me is that they have a mobile van which goes to places like the Leadville finish line! Yup 100 miles later I’d be begging for this. After a race, for a hangover in Denver, altitude sickness, to hydrate with vitamins in Colorado, there's only a great place ready to help you beat altitude sickness and live brighter, better days :) Onus iV Hydration.