Hangover Treatment

No one plans for a hangover.

You’ve tried Gatorade, Motrin, water, and everything else in the book to help treat your hangover yet nothing has worked. Not even a trip to your favorite fast-food joint or a power nap is helping, dang it!
Whether you had too much fun at your friend’s bachelorette party or you overdid it a bit during a bar crawl, don’t let that hangover get in your way! At Onus iV, we’ve engineered the perfect solution to get you out there, ready to climb your mountains.

Our hangover iV drip treatment, the Phoenix, provides immediate relief to get your day back faster. With an infusion of saline, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Trace 5 minerals (when available) or Glutathione) the Phoenix blend is specially designed to relieve those miserable headaches and boost your energy typically in under an hour.

With three convenient locations to choose from in the Denver, CO area, we make it easy to try a hangover iV drip treatment. Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment to book your next service. If you’re looking for in-home iV hangover treatments, give us a call! (Subject to availability of course ;)

What can you expect on your visit? With cable tv, video game consoles, Netflix, phone chargers, comfy chairs, blankets, snacks, heating pads & hot tea, you’ll be able to relax, recover and recharge in no time. Our licensed & certified team of nurses, paramedics & staff EMTs will walk you through the process, so don’t worry, you’re taken care of.

To learn more about our Phoenix hangover iV drip treatment, give us a ring and chat with one of our experts today!