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Vibe Check

Conveniently located downtown, our Boulder IV therapy flagship is ready to help you get your day headed in the right direction with professional IV hydration therapy! You FOR $95, STOP BY AND SEE HOW WE VIBE TOGETHER!

Living at elevation is a vibe, which is why we're introducing "The Vibe Check" deal at Onus iV!

With the Vibe Check, you'll receive 1 liter of saline & two handpicked ingredients tailored to enhance your well-being, along with your choice of a B12, Glutathione, or D3 injection.

For example, you could get:

  • Saline, Glutathione & B100 + a B12 Shot

  • Saline, Vitamin C & Amino Acids + D3 Shot

  • Saline, Vitamin C, Zinc + Glutathione IM Shot

All for $95!

This offer is a one-time opportunity to come see how we jive together, so stop by (no appointment needed) to elevate your wellness and start your journey today! 

Find Your Vibe