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That IV Drip from Billions, What’s in It?

An IV drip is part of what's called Nutritional IV Therapy or "IV Therapy". It's an infusion of essential vitamins and nutrients into the body administered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract. Why? Simply put, it's more effective than conventional oral methods of rehydration & recovery.
IV Drip from Billions

IV Therapy has been touted for a variety of health benefits, including a break-out moment on Showtime's hit show "Billions". For a hefty fee, hedge-fund brokers are seen rehydrating via IV therapy to recover from raucous nights of debauchery and alcohol use before bouncing back to tackle the day.

Based on the visuals of the IV bags seen in Season 2, Episode 3, we would speculate that, at a minimum, clients were receiving simple bags of saline to help bounce back. While Toradol & Zofran (to aid pain and nausea relief) both are absent of color, their usage requires a physician's prior approval (and in some states, a pharmacist's sign off) - unlikely that an office full of high-octane hedge fund brokers would have gotten mass approval & health history reviews prior to treatment.

While the show may be fiction, the practice of IV therapy is very real, nearby, and available 😉  Check out our locations page to find a spot in Colorado [and other states soon 😉]

All images used are property of Viacom / Showtime and are intended only for debate of the hit TV series Billions, available for streaming on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.


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