“iV therapy was a night and day difference”

If you were to search for "IV Therapy Denver" in 2013, your options would have been pretty sparse.When Onus iV co-founder Chaz Faulhaber discovered the wonders of IV therapy after a grueling mountain bike race in Arizona, he knew it was something he had to introduce to Colorado.
IV Denver
Co Founder Kristy getting after it in Bend, OR

Today, Onus iV has five IV bar locations in Denver and surrounding suburbs and around forty-five employees statewide, making it Colorado’s go-to destination for safe, effective, ER-certified IV therapy. “The name Onus dictates and separates what we’re trying to do from any other IV clinic that goes at it a different way. The word ‘onus’ means personal responsibility, and so in that regard, what we’re trying to do here is the proactive side of self-care,” explains Chaz. When he first started, he found that IV therapy was mostly being marketed to partiers looking to ease a hangover, rather than athletes like himself. So yes, Onus iV can help with your hangover, especially one compounded by altitude sickness. But that’s just the beginning of what IV drip therapy can do for you.

IV drip therapy is the fastest, most efficient way to distribute vital nutrients throughout the body, and at Onus iV, you can customize a formula to meet your specific needs. “The nice thing about our clinic versus some of the others is you can swap out ingredients usually at no additional charge, because it’s your body,” Chaz says. This is especially helpful for vegetarians and vegans looking to supplement any nutrients missing from their diet.

Check out all of Onus iV’s health-hacking options on their website, including the new NAD+ iV drip, known as the ”Miracle Molecule”. For $125 a month, you can also get an Onus iV membership, which includes any of their standard drips plus a free add on or shot, and 30% off any additional services. Call or stop by for more info today!

Source: The Denver Westword, May 2022

Dr. Wilks trains the Wheat Ridge / Boulder teams on changing FDA regulations requiring prescriptions for NAD+ iV Therapy. 

Dr. Wilks training the Wheat Ridge & Boulder teams on NAD+ iV Drips and changing FDA regulation