The Low Down on IV Drip Therapy for Hangovers

Hydrate, replenish, and get back on your feet faster than you can say "tequila shooters."
Can an IV Drip Actually Help My Hangover

Have you ever had a hangover after a night of drinking? Sure you have. The feeling of dehydration washes over you, the headache pounds in your skull, and while you don't remember eating a squirrel, your mouth sure feels like it did. Since the dawn of alcohol (probably), we have experimented with various hangover cures to try and avoid the price of a rowdy night out – but now it's the 2020s, and we have modern solutions that our ancestors would weep for. Introducing the Phoenix IV drip therapy (ta-da!) that hydrates, replenishes, and gets you back on your feet faster than you can say "tequila shooters."

Here's what's inside the Phoenix IV Drip for Hangovers:

●    1L Saline
●    2ml B Complex
●    2mg B12
●    200mg B6/Pyridoxine
●    1g Magnesium Sulfate
●    400mg Glutathione
●    2g Vitamin C

How Does this IV Work, and DOES It Actually Work?

Shhhh. Not so loud! Yes, it works. The Phoenix IV Drip is designed to replenish vitamins and minerals that your body eliminates during a night of drinking. With an infusion of Vitamin B and C, electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and anti-inflammatory medicines to help eliminate headaches and nausea, you can bet your bottom dollar that this IV works to shorten your recovery time and leaves you free to stress about that text you sent to your ex.

How You Can Get Your Hands on the Phoenix Drip

You can use the Phoenix IV for hangovers any time you go a little overboard and need to snap back quickly – in fact, you can book in advance if you know that a particular night may result in a little too much fun with the wobbly pop. Don't let the hooch leave you feeling pooched. Book IV therapy for your hangover today.