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Glutathione – What is it and What are the Benefits of an IV Drip

Learn more about glutathione and receiving this through an IV drip.
Benefits of a Glutathione IV drip

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant this is comprised of cysteine, glutamate, and glycine, three amino acids that are found naturally in our bodies. However, there are times when our bodies may not produce enough glutathione in which case, we might feel weak, dizzy, depressed, or have bouts of chronic fatigue, lapses of concentration, and trouble sleeping. For those dealing with these issues, increasing glutathione levels in your body can help get you back on track. Sometimes described as a master detoxifier, this antioxidant works to improve immune system function, reduce inflammation, and fight oxidative stress. It can also improve sleep as well as help our bodies purge fat.

Where Is Glutathione Found?

You can help your body increase glutathione production by eating an organic diet with lots of fresh vegetables, but this doesn't always work as well as intended. Taking Vitamin C and E, as well as selenium, curcumin, silymarin, and N-acetylcysteine supplements can also help to boost glutathione production in your body, but due to lower absorption levels, it isn't as effective as a direct influx of glutathione itself.

What are the benefits of a Glutathione IV Drip?

When you receive glutathione through an IV drip it undergoes a different process than when you digest food, vitamins or supplements. As a matter of fact, it bypasses your digestive tract altogether and flows through your bloodstream instead, carrying the powerful antioxidant to every part of your body. Your heart, lungs, brain, and muscle tissue all receive glutathione this way and are better served than through digestive absorption. Going the IV therapy route is much more effective and gives you more control over the glutathione levels in your body, meaning that you can feel better faster and combat many of the initial symptoms.

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