Onus iV Hydration - Denver

IV hydration treatment has quickly gained immense popularity because it provides enormous health benefits. If you’re looking for iV therapy in Denver, you’ve come to the right place.

Located in the heart of North Denver, Onus iV Hydration is a certified clinic that specializes in helping people improve their health and overall well-being through iV treatment. As one of the leading Denver iV bars, we offer a unique line of blends that are designed to help treat many common ailments, including hangovers, nausea, altitude sickness, the flu, and the common cold. With so many vitamin-infused cocktails to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that makes your symptoms disappear.

The 100% absorption rate guarantees that you’ll experience and enjoy the benefits of iV hydration in minutes. In other words, without waiting for them to go through your digestive system, you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need right when you need them.

To ensure the best results, we build a personalized treatment prior to your visit. We customize a quick medical screening and questionnaire to determine which infusion is right for you. Our team of certified ER & ICU nurses then customize iV drips based on your needs. It’s that simple.

Why Choose Onus iV Hydration in Denver, CO?

If you’re looking to receive iV therapy in Denver, come visit us to get your life back on track. We walk you through the entire process, so don’t worry, you’re taken care of. Our comfortable and relaxing environment is filled with video games, Netflix, phone chargers, comfy chairs, blankets, snacks, and more—what else could you ask for?

Walk-ins are always welcome. But if you wish to schedule an appointment at our Denver iV bar, one of our specialists will gladly assist you. Just give us a call at 720-417-9590 to discuss your needs. Thanks for choosing Onus iV!