Altitude Sickness Treatment

Whether you’re at your favorite ski resort or climbing the Rocky Mountains, don’t let altitude sickness put a damper on your mile-high adventure!

At Onus iV, we use iV saline hydration to help get your body back to optimum performance. Our classic Bolt treatment is a saline iV drip that’s designed for quick and efficient recovery. With a powerful combination of saline and vitamin B supplements, you’ll feel a boost of energy within minutes that restores you back to normal physical functions.

With three certified clinics in the Denver area, getting an iV saline hydration treatment when you need it has never been easier! We gladly take walk-ins, but if you’re pressed for time please schedule an appointment. Our licensed ER & ICU nurses are here to give you the most effective treatment based on your personal health needs in an environment that’s both comfortable and relaxing.

What can you expect on your visit? With cable tv, video game consoles, Netflix, phone chargers, comfy chairs, blankets, snacks, heating pads & hot tea, you’ll be able to relax, recover and recharge in no time. Our licensed & certified team of nurses, paramedics & staff EMTs will walk you through the process, so don’t worry, you’re taken care of.

To learn more about our Bolt saline iV drip treatment, give us a call! We look forward to helping you get your day back :)